Monday, July 12, 2010


I seriously can't believe how fast the summer is FLYING by...June has come and gone and I didn't even have a single post! We are back home for our wonderful vacation...well been back for a month but I am a little behind...ok alot behind haha. We had an amazing time together, it was so nice spending an entire week with my husband without any interuptions in our way just relaxing and FUN. I cannot wait until be go again in 2 years (his family does a big vaca every other year) I think our top 3 destinations for next time are Costa Rica, St. Lucia, or Aruba. I am so glad I decided to go, as most of you know I was terrifed to begin with and to top it off we were flying out Friday and on Monday the riots and craziness in Jamaica was ALL over the news and I was seriously considering staying home, but I decided to go and I am so glad I did. The resort made us feel very safe and we didn't even have to think about what was going on, on the other side of the island. Here are just a handful of pictures, we took a TON so you will have to get on my facebook page to check the rest out....
And last but most definetly not least!...
Meet our new baby JAX.
This is the newest member of our family, our yellow lab Jax. Yes now I know I am crazy for having 3 dogs but I couldn't help myself. I grew up having nothing but labs and they seriously are the BEST dogs ever, I love my weenie and beagle but the lab breed is by far my fav. So here is Jax's story...
So I decided I wanted a lab so I started searching KSL well I found Mr. Jax's litter and fell in love instantly, his dad is beautiful and the "ideal" looking lab to me so I had to have a pup. I called the owners and she told me they wouldn't be ready until we got from our trip (which was perfect) and that they only had one yellow male so if I wanted him I better come put a deposit down. Dustin said no more than a million times so I let it go...Until my mom and I went to sportsmans before Father's Day to get some gifts and guess who was there! Yes you guessed it...Jax's litter was there and it was fate. I bought him and surprised Dustin with him (:

Leaving Atlanta headed to Jamaica, don't judge us we left at midnight and had just flown 4 hours!

Flying into Jamaica

On the bus ride headed to the resort
We found this amusing...dial 119 for police (:

The house that looked like a boat

We could throw a rock in the Ocean from our room, and had steps to walk right out there

My very FIRST time in the ocean
We had an AWESOME view
View off from our room
Beautiful Lion Fish, but they can kill ya!
Names in the sand
Names in the sand
Our MOST favorite person in Jamaica, one of our waiters Romano, he was awesome! He made Dust do this, it doesn't look very nice I know.
We loved all beautiful flowers and plants there

Our first kiss in the rain

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